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Today’s Car: Real Deal ’70 Camaro RS Z28

1970 1/2 Camaro RS Z28 – Real Deal RS Z28 – The Original LT1 350 is long gone. It now has a 1968 396 Big Block that has been in the Camaro for many years, block casting number 3935440. The motor will start up and run with gas down the carb, that’s all I have done is just started it for a minute. The motor sounds ok, but you will need to do a complete tune up and change all the other oils and fluids from being stored, just a wise and easy thing to do. This is a factory 4spd car, with the factory 4spd hump, you can see this in the detailed pictures I have posted.


The original color is Classic Copper, paint code 67 67. The car is in black primer and it looks like the black primer has been on there for many years. The black primer is chipping and peeling in places from age but in the places it’s peeling it looks like some of the original Classic Copper paint. So it’s possible that part of the car could have it’s original Classic copper paint under the black primer. The body looks to be fairly straight but there are some dents in places that could be popped out and fixed, like the passenger door and the rear passenger lower quarter, also a dent on top of the drivers side fender. There are a couple small places where there are some small rust holes but nothing to major. The floors look to be in pretty good shape, there are some small holes, like around the floor mounted gas pedal ( Floor mounded gas pedal, Z28 only) and a couple other places but over all the floors don’t look to bad. The rockers look pretty good. The trunk has some small pin holes along with some bubbling and scaly surface rust, the upper trunk pan around the shock towers look ok. Over all the complete body will need some attention but nothing to major to the best of my knowledge, you can also see all this in my detailed posted pictures.

The black interior is in fair shape and will need a complete interior kit plus dash pad. The front seats look to be in pretty good shape, looks like someone redid them. Looks to have it’s original 4spd console and has it’s Hurst shifter that are in fair shape. Does have tach and gauges but not correct for this car, came out of another year.The very end of the corners on both sides of the metal dash have some rust holes, pretty normal for these cars, also has some scally surface rust in places too.


The RS Z28 Has Power steering, Power Front Disc Brakes, correct 15 inch Z28 Wheels, has original floor mounted Gas pedal, Z28 only, has the upper welded rear sway bar brackets above the rear end and other parts of the sway bar brackets too, this is all unique stuff that comes on Z28’s, has the front unique extended blocks, front bump stops, Z28 only, has the single fuel line because 1970 1/2 Z28’s came with LT1 350 motors and had a single fuel line for the Holley carburetor. Has it’s correct COZ 12 bolt 373 posi rear end that Z28’s came with. Has the rear lower one piece rear spoiler, looks like all the Z28 emblems are original. You can see everything I’m talking about in my detailed pictures I have posted. I do have a piece of the original build sheet that was found in the car, really hard to read but with some time and patience, it’s possible you could get some info off of it. It is very possible you could find a build sheet above the gas tank, it looks like to me that the gas has never been out of the car, I think you may have a good chance. Has the unique RS reinforcement brackets on the RS nose that look like they have never been taken off, they look original to me, proving it’s a real RS plus being a real Z28. Has the original vin on the dash along with the original drivers side Blue door sticker with the vin on it that matches the vin on the dash. Has the rare little bumperettes on the rear bumper that you really don’t see that often.




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