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Today’s Car: “1973 Chevelle SS 454….Wagon! Texas Car – 95% Rust Free – Sweet 8 Track Player Included”

A rare and genuine 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle SS station wagon. The SS wagon was a one year only factory option, and this one has the Y in the VIN indicating a factory 454. Since records were not clearly kept in these years, it is unknown exactly how many were produced. It is estimated that about 1500 SS wagons were made, and roughly only 200 had the 454.

1973 Chevelle Wagon SS

This car is about 95% original, numbers matching with the 454 and turbo400 transmission. This car has all the proper badging in all the right spots and everything is there! I bought the car, covered in dust in a barn, about 4 and a half years ago in Colorado, where it had set for many years. There is very little rust on this car, located on the left rear quarter panel, but it is not rusted all the way through (can be seen in one of the pics). As was common with these cars, the spare tire carrier has some rust through the bottom and should be an easy fix. The floor pans are all solid, as well as the fenders, doors, and door jambs, and show no signs of rust. The rear hatch has a dent in it, where the original owner backed into his travel trailer, and I do have a replacement that will go with the car.


Mechanically, the car runs great! The engine was built by Chevrolet’s Tonawanda plant in Buffalo, NY and still sports the decals on the valve covers. This 43,000 mile engine idles smooth without any knocks or clacks, and has the power to bust the tires lose or tow a trailer. There are a few small leaks in the 43 year old gaskets, but nothing major.




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