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Marketing Options For Your Automotive Business:

Part 2 – The Online (Digital) Options

In this episode of Cars For A Living we tackled the second part of our series of “How to Market” an automotive business, concentrating solely on the relatively cheap online options of automotive forums, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, etc., culminating with perhaps the most important online method of all, your own personal or company website (and yes, you DO need one).

These digital methods of marketing differ quite a bit from the traditional powerhouse methods that we discussed in our last episode (TV, print, and radio), mainly because the biggest thing that they’ll cost you as the business owner is time, not dollars. In traditional media you can take the approach (successfully, by the way) of simply getting your ad content in front of a lot of eyeballs. The process is one-way and costs a lot of cash, but it’s done on a big scale and doesn’t take a ton of your time.  You’ll know if it worked after your ad has run. With digital marketing, the conversation is 2-way and gives you the chance to interact with your customers directly and to try and test a lot of things all at once.

When it comes to online ad testing, participation in forums, and creating lots of great content that will go up on your own company website, the sky is the limit – and generally the more of it you do, the more you’ll receive in return in the form of relationships, leads, and sales. The flip side is that it would be very easy to spend 24 hours a day doing it, so you’ll need to be very intentional about your strategy. Remember, time is money, too!

During the show we went into great depth about how to determine whether the digital world is right for your market, and if so, how to approach it initially. As an example, if you’re creating windshield frames for ’32 Fords, chances are you don’t need to be on Twitter, but you definitely need to be in the forums (and probably some print magazine). If you’re creating bolt on parts for the new Scion FRS, you can likely go all digital with you blog, forums, Instagram, Facebook, e-mail auto-responders, and the like. It all depends upon whom your trying to reach with what!

Wrapping Up

We’d love to get your feedback on how how you deal with these issues as well as what you’d like us to concentrate on for the next show. Feel free to simply reply in the post notes below, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, or shot us an e-mail!

-Rob Kibbe & Dan Kahn



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