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Today’s Car: Street-Racing Ready ’66 Chevy II SS!   Capture This is 1966 Chevy II SS with a 377 c.i. Small block, Tremec TKO 600 5 speed, and Dana 60 rearend. It was originally a SS 6Cyl car. VIN# 117376W127470.  A great looking 10 year old restoration. Very streetable and lots of fun to drive. It has an old school look to it. More like the way you would buy one of these cars back in the 60’s. Ultimate sleeper. Lots of fun to drive on the street with option of open headers due to DMH electric cut outs. Car is fast and makes close to 500 horsepower. It has disc brakes in the front and drum in the rear. It also has a line lock. Car has been backhalfed. It has fiberglass fenders and trunk lid as well. Lots of money invested in Chassis/Suspension and Drivetrain. Being an older restoration, there are a few spots that have paint bubbling and one spot with a crack in the paint. The crack is on the quarter panel body line which no one notices until I point it out. I have taken pictures of those spots to be as accurate as possible. I try to put as many pictures as possible plus a video to be accurate. I have one other video if your seriously interested.  The paint still shines and has great depth for being 10 years old. Its not 100%. All the glass is in great shape as well. You will see I have the cowl tag off the car because I smoothed out the firewall and never put it back on. I have no title for this car as in my state you don’t need one for this old of one. This car is pretty much a street legal drag car. If you worried about slight vibrations then your not looking for an insane street car. The tires rub sometimes but a simple wheel change with more backspacing would take care of that. This car has solid motor and transmission mounts. This car is about going fast and still looking real good while doing it. From a 15-20mph roll on the street it just hooks and goes no tire spin. This car is for a true hot rodder. This past winter. I took apart the whole front chassis and rear suspension and repainted everything with single stage satin urethane. Rearend, leaf springs, spring plates, slide a links, front clip, steering rack, control arms, firewall, radiator support, inner fenders,  master cylinder. Rear shocks were painted silver basecoat clearcoat and car has all new brake lines and hoses as well. Pretty much ready to make a fresh start for someone.  

     377 C.I. Small block
     400 Block with a GM Nitrated steel 350 Crank
     JE Pistons. Engine has 10:1 compression runs on pump gas
     Pro Topline Cast Iron 210cc heads 2.05/1.60 valves
      Lunati Voodo Solid Roller Cam 60133 .585 INT .600 EXH Duration @ .050 249 INT 255 EXH
    Holley Strip Dominator Intake
     1 3/4″ Full length headers
       MSD Pro billet distributor, MSD 6AL Ignition box
        MSD Ignition wires
       2.5″ with Thrush welded mufflers
       DMH electric cutouts
       Tremec TKO 600 5 speed with hydraulic clutch setup
       Centerforce dual friction clutch
       Moser Dana 60 with 4.10’s and a full spool 35 spline axles
       TCI Mustang II front clip with lakewood drag shocks.
        Competition Engineering Subframe connectors and rear formed rails.
        Calvert Split mono leaf springs in the rear
       Competition Engineering Slide a Link bars in the rear
        Competition Engineering drag shocks in rear
Fuel System: 
       20 Gallon fuel cell in trunk with 3/8 stainless braided fuel line running to a Holley mechanical fuel pump
       Carburetor started out as a 650 Holley Double Pumper and I installed a 750HP main body on it.
       Front 15×6 GM Steel wheels 215/60/15
        Rear 15×10 Wheel Vintiques steel wheels 325/50/15 Nitto Drag Radials

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