There are times I wish this was just a staged picture for humor's sake. It wasn't.

You know, sometimes the joy of having a really fast car just leads you to become a frustrated individual.  What’s the use of having all the glorious power of a sweet muscle car when it’s illegal (or dangerous) to use it to it’s fullest potential? It seems that the faster I made my car, the more damaged my driving record became.  I may be the only person in history to lose driving privileges 3 summers in a row…..and it not be a result of a DUI!

This leads me to my current quest.  I’m looking for some ways that we can all enjoy our muscle cars that are:

1) Legal

2) Safe

Yes, that may seem like an oxymoron, but it is possible to enjoy the genuine goodness of your muscle car without Johnny Law frowning on you.  In fact, he may be the dude racing you.

Safe and Legal Driving Experience #1:

Drag Racing:

Drag racing is not a new idea for muscle car owners, but I’m not talking about the stop-light-to-stoplight kind of drag racing.  I’m talking about the drag racing a person would do at a real drag track – with safety rules, lights, timing equipment, and the whole bit.  A little bit of a search in Google tells me that they are very plentiful, and here in Central Iowa the Iowa Speedway has you covered!

Safe and Legal Driving Experience #2:

Open Road Racing:

I must admit, of all of the car adventures I have on my bucket list, this is at the top.  Open Road Racing is a sanctioned event in which a (typically) area of U.S. highway is closed to traffic strictly for the purposes of open road racing.  BUT, instead of racing other drivers, you’re racing the clock!  There are several speed classes in which you can participate – 85 mph, 115 mph, etc., and the goal is to complete your run with a time that is as close to perfect as possible for your speed class (i.e. – an 85 mile run in the 85mph class would result in a perfect time of exactly on hour).  As I said, it’s a sanctioned event – meaning you and your car must pass all driving tests, safety rules, etc.

The most famous event of this type is the Silver State Classic in Nevada.  People run all sorts of great cars there (including ex-NASCAR Cup cars).  Add it to your bucket list, take your muscle car for the trip of a lifetime, go really really fast in a safe and legal way, and (best of all) you WON’T end up with a picture like the one above!

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