K&F Show #68: The Podcast Finnegan Has Been Waiting For All His Life: Our Full Review of “Two Lane Blacktop”

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In this episode of the show we finally reviewed the movie Two Lane Blacktop, a movie that Finnegan’s been wanting to hit since we started. Without a doubt this is the last piece of the cinematic puzzle that makes Mike…well, Mike. It’s a movie that has clearly influenced him greatly not because it’s a fantastic comedy or anything, but because it’s about two guys running the country in a homebuilt gasser ’55 Chevy. In their lives that’s all there is, it’s all they need, and all they want. Or is it? Along with way they pick up a random hitchhiker girl who (like the two guys) has no apparent backstory and no dreams going forward. They race an older guy – cross country – in a ’70 GTO Judge who is as philosophical as he is total crackpot wacko. There’s a ton a dialogue in this movie, yet there’s nearly none at the exact same time. This was done in the era of movie making where sometimes the plot and meaning was a secret known only to the writer and director…and Finnegan freaking loves it. In fact he loves it so much that his favorite car ever is a ’55 Chevy gasser named Blasphemi. Kibbe has decided that the psyche of Finnegan is made up of a very simple equation, and once you understand it you’ll have unlocked the key to Mike’s brain, soul, and car:

Two Lane Blacktop + Better Off Dead + The Dukes of Hazzard + Spaceballs = Mike Finnegan

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