TMCP #574: SEMA President and CEO, Mike Spagnola – State of the Industry

FEATURE INTERVIEW Mike Spagnola – SEMA: This week I spoke to Mike Spagnola, President and CEO of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association). It is always fun to meet for the first time, especially people who are helming something important to you. This was my first interaction of any kind with Mike, and my immediate takeaway […]

TMCP #556: SEMA and Industry 2023 Preview with Dan Kahn – Upcoming Technology in the Automotive Aftermarket – Trucks and Overlanding For the Win!

Dan Kahn is a well known name in the automotive PR and marketing world and Kahn Media is (in my opinion) is the leader in that space.  I’ve known Dan for years and have always found him to have a great understanding of our industry as well as the ability to read the tea leaves on what’s coming next. Long time listeners will remember our time together on a podcast called “Cars for a Living” and I asked him to return today for a “crystal ball plus the state of the nations” type discussion in regards to the upcoming 2023 SEMA Show! If there’s one thing the Kahn team knows well it’s the automotive aftermarket.

TMCP #554: Ask Rick – Whats The Big Deal About SEMA? – UAW Strike, The Real Flaw In The System – Henry Ford “X” Engine – Listener Questions – Cars Picks of the Week

It is now October so be on the lookout for ghosts and ghouls at Halloween. This is time for costume parties, trick or treating, and another riveting Ask Rick segment were I ask him the tough questions that not everyone wants to hear! As always Rick delivers sage advice and wisdom founded in years of buying and selling classic vehicles. In this episode we waded into the topics spanning from “how do I store my classic vehicle” all the way to “how do we fix our broken governmental system.” As always the answers are entertaining, polarizing, and sometimes surprising.

TMCP #543: New Show Debut – The “Factoryish” Podcast – The Real Life, Times, and Cars Inside a Hot Rod Shop!

This week, I have the outstanding privilege of of introducing a brand new podcast on The MuscleCar Place Network. It’s called “Factorish” and is hosted by my great friends Kirk Hansen and Zip Simons. This new show is an all new concept for us, and one that Kirk has pioneered, with Zip providing the insight that only a hot rod shop owner can. It’s a full talk show, built for YouTube and audio podcast release but featuring automotive reviews and drives as well. Think of it like The MuscleCar Place, combined with My Classic Car, combined with Entrepreneur magazine.

You can plan to watch and listen to two new episodes of Factoryish each month. Be sure to visit their website often and bookmark ALL of the platforms below!

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TMCP #536: The Ring Brothers: How Two Brothers from Wisconsin Went from a Gas Station to Battle of the Builders!

This week we are joined by car building royalty, the world famous Ring Brothers! We typically interview the Rings each year at SEMA, but at SEMA 2022 they had a “surplus” of vehicles on display (4)….and they were so busy accepting accolades and competing in the Builder of the Year competition (which they won) that we were never able to connect onsite. This is the long overdue follow up! As with all things, it was worth the wait. For the first time we were able to have a discussion about not only what they had a SEMA 2022 but how the two brothers from Wisconsin went from working construction, to owning a small gas station (for 7 months), to where they are today.