K&F Show #29: Find Loretta Lynn – S2 Episode 18 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

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Imagine this: Boss Hogg discovers that Loretta Lynn, the “First lady of country music,” will be passing through the state of Georgia en route to…somewhere that probably doesn’t matter. He uses the opportunity to force her to come to Hazzard where he can profit from her presence by selling wigs that make people look like her. It’s a stretch, I know. Coincidentally, a trio of folk singers that were wronged by a Nashville recording company choose to kidnap Loretta, hold her for ransom, and then collect their lost music money back from the Nashville dream-stealers. At some point the Dukes get blamed and in righting the wrongs end up flipping the General on it’s lid for some reason. Not to worry, the General is fine in the next scene. Hijinks ensue.