K&F Show #230: Route 66 Tour Info – Summer Movie Review: Disney/Pixar’s “Cars!”

Presented with Holley! Guess what? The Kibbe and Friends show is the official media partber of the General Lee Jump at Holley’s 3rd annual MoParty. Take that, CNN – we beat you to it!

MoParty returns to Beech Bend Raceway this September 16-18, 2022. Numerous event segments tailored for Mopar enthusiasts abound including autocross, 3S Challenge, drag racing and more! Other events like a dyno challenge, burnout competition and car show will take place, making this one of the wildest Mopar parties ever held. The event is open to any ride utilizing a Mopar engine, including AMC. Gas and diesel Mopar power are welcome! 

Visit https://moparty.com to register and then go buy yourself something for the event at Holley.com. Make SURE you tell them we sent you!

Movie Review: This is the coming of age tale of Lightning McQueen, the uber talented yet uber cocky up and coming race car in the Cars universe. You know the story just as well as we do so we’ll spare you the standard details. Basically, this is the tale of a universe where cars are people, racing is the national past-time, and Route 66 is rediscovered. The list of voice talent is outstanding and is helmed by Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, and Larry the Cable Guy. It’ll make you laugh, cry, and wish you were what you always really wanted to be in life…..a car! This is the first of the Cars trilogy of movies, but in our humble opinions…it’s the best.

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