What if you could never drive again?

I saw a recent advertising campaign for the new 2010 Mustang.  It featured a gentleman that had lost his sight years ago in an accident.  One of the things he missed most was the thrill of driving, so Ford created an opportunity for he and a few other vision impaired people to drive the new […]

A Muscle Car Too Good Looking to Die?

I’d like to pose a question this week.  In light of the Cash For Clunkers situation, is there such a thing as a car that’s too good looking to die?  Specifically, is there a muscle car that was (in it’s day) spared because it was too good looking to snuff out?   I think the answer […]

Mustangs! Mustangs! Mustangs!

This week I am at one of the biggest horsepower shows in the nation (and perhaps the world) and am surrounded by Mustangs….but it’s not a car show.  It’s the “EAA Oshkosh Airventure” show and is heaven-on-earth for general aviation nuts. Oshkosh is a week long airshow and celebration of the latest and greatest in […]