TMCP #511: Calibrated GM, MOPAR, and Ford Engine Tuning Via E-Mail! Branden Leeb and Mike Carnahan, Elite Tuned and Elite Tuning School

This week I have the honor of interviewing Branden Leeb and Mike Carnahan of Elite Tuned and Elite Tuning School to explain the process of remotely – and iteratively – tuning fuel injected engines. Their specialty is GM Gen III, IV, and V engines and they recently they have added in both MOPAR and Ford tuning capability as well. Recently I had Elite tune my Chevelle when Zip Simons at Street Metal Concepts told me he used their services often. Man…was he ever right! In my case, they gave better results than I had received from two different shops that ran the car on a dyno. I was amazed at the compete difference in drivability and power delivery after the process was complete and I had to get an interview to find out the secret sauce that made such a difference.