K&F Show #30: Jude Emery – S2 Episode 19 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

If there were ever a perfect episode of the Dukes, it’s this one. Texas Ranger “Jude Emery” comes to Hazzard to track the leader of an illegal race car driving gang and (shockingly) recruits Bo and Luke to help him both find and apprehend the afore mentioned bad guy. Jude is super cool, travels with a suitcase that doubles as a guitar, and woos Daisy with his George Strait like charm. In return she wears hot pants and ends up saving he, Bo, Luke, and the rest of humanity in the process. Hijinks ensue. (FYI – Daisy is not wearing the uber-tight outfit in this episode that she used in Cannonball Run II. We checked.)