TMCP #515: Live from Roadkill Nights 2022: Special Feature – Jeff Gale Dodge Chief Interior Designer, Justin Chizek Dodge Brand Manager, Kyumin Oh Durango Brand Manager, Herman Young Demonology

Welcome to Part 2 of our 2022 Dodge Reveals and Roadkill Nights coverage! We had so many great opportunities to speak with Dodge insiders that a second *Bonus* show was required to fit it all in. As with Episode 514, if you love inside OEM info on Dodge cars and marketing, this episode will leave you a little mind blown. Dodge insiders from the marketing brands and vehicle designers give great information about upcoming models as well as hints about what the future could bring. This episode is capped off with Herman Young, Dodge Demon drag racer and YouTuber. For people that want drag racing setup insight, listen twice!