K&F Show #253: NASCAR 2023 Season Kickoff – Movie Review; Days of Thunder!

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K&F Show Movie Review: Happy NASCAR season! The Daytona 500 is this weekend, so that means it’s time to rebroadcast of our review of Days of Thunder from KF Show 137. When you’ve reached perfect once, you gotta own it!

The team that brought you Top Gun, brings you Top Car – better known as Days of Thunder. Both movies feature a wildly talented but undisciplined rebel who is as awesome with driving machinery as he is with the ladies. Both feature a helmet-less motorcycle riding Tom Cruise as the lead who goes through massive success riding his own ego….until his butt can’t cash them when he gets hurt – in one case just mentally, and in the other physically. Both leave him scared to re-engage at the thing he does best…until he basically resolves it in about 20 seconds by realizing….he’d damn well better or his friends were going to die in one case, and in the other they’d just be super bummed they lost the race…and move on with life. Whatever.

Both feature a wise father figure Tom Cruise at first rejects the authority of, then later craves the leadership and approval from. Both have Val Kilmer as Iceman playing the uber talented and more successful nemesis turned friend….except in Days of Thunder it’s Michael Rooker playing Rowdy Burns, both have an amazing failure on the first try to woo the leading lady, and both have a dead goose scene…except in days of thunder it was just a bird run over by a rental car. This is the most perfect racing movie of all however, and even today still is adored by fans – and NASCAR drivers – including the current reigning NASCAR Cup Series Champion who goes by the name of Rowdy Busch…and runs number 51 on his own race cars outside of the Cup Series. This is the movie that proves to get the girls, you gotta go fast, and if you’re from California you’re not really a yankee…you’re not really from anywhere.

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