K&F Show #56: To Catch a Duke – S3 Episode 15 of the Dukes of Hazzard – and Welcome Back Harry’s!

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Dukes Review: Have you ever seen Animal House? Remember Babs? She’s the bad guy in this episode! Unfortunately that’s about the end of the episode highlights. Anyway, Babs and her bad-guy husband come to Hazzard with some stolen jewels. Somehow the jewels end up in Rosco’s patrol car, Boss thinks he’s in on it, then fires him for not giving him a cut of the take. Shortly thereafter the Dukes get accused of doing the jewel stealing. This of course forces them to team up with Rosco, then get Babs and Mr. Babs to confess their nefarious deeds by terrifying them in a while ride with the General. Boss forgives everyone and the clock resets for the next episode. Feel free to look up Babs on Google or IMDB. You’ll get lost in that one, trust me.