Welcome to Sponsorship Fastlane!

Please click ‘Play’ on the video below to get a quick Course Syllabus, and you’ll be ready to go! Also, be sure to bookmark this web page in a safe place as this will always be your “home base” for the course.

To your success!

-Rob Kibbe

Sponsorship Fastlane 1: Getting Started

Sponsorship Fastlane 2: Understanding Sponsorship

Sponsorship Fastlane 3a: Becoming Sponsor Worthy When Starting From Scratch

Sponsorship Fastlane 3b: Becoming Sponsor Worthy When Starting From Experience

Sponsorship Fastlane 4a: Getting Started With Internet Tools (Bonus Advanced Lesson)

Sponsorship Fastlane 4b: Instagram Lessons with Mike Finnegan (Bonus Advanced Lesson)

Sponsorship Fastlane 5: Initiate (Prime) The Media!

Sponsorship Fastlane 6a: Learn to Create an Amazing Proposal (Fundamentals Lesson)

Sponsorship Fastlane 6b: Learn to Create an Amazing Proposal (Proposal Examples and Downloadable Templates)

Sponsorship Fastlane 7: Approach and Select Sponsors

Sponsorship Fastlane 8: Execute and Complete, Showcase, Follow up, & Repeat!

Sponsorship Fastlane 9: Finale

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  1. Hey Rob, I have been listening to your podcast for a while now. I’m up to #267 2015 so I’m a bit behind. I’m a whole life car guy and a tool and die maker. I have been inspired by you, rather late in life I’m afraid (52), to start a YouTube channel and possibly a podcast. I’m currently recording video content but need some advice. I know your sponsorship fastlane course is closed but know we share strong Christian values as well as an unrelenting love for old cars so I decided to hit you up. Any advice regarding audio/video recording and editing equipment and software would be greatly appreciated. God Bless You!

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