There’s something really interesting about 60’s and 70’s muscle cars – they never go out of style. Unlike other objects and traditions that seem completely old fashioned in this country (like a steam powered train or wearing a suit because you’re taking a flight on a commercial airliner), muscle cars never seem to age – they’re completely timeless.

Don’t believe me? Case in point: I can name 3 movies that I’ve seen within the past month featuring classic muscle cars that I’ve seen on the big screen, on TV, or elsewhere. (Actually, where else would I see a movie besides a movie theater or at home on my TV? Stupid question – let’s move on.) The cars are used in a role that require a high performance vehicle that is just as timely as a new Corvette – not an old antique.  It has to perform at the same – or higher – level of any other modern car in the film.  It’s a complete testament to the fact that the cars we love have always been, are now, and forever will be….. cool.

If you ain't're last!
If you ain’t first….you’re last!

1) Talledaga Nights:
This film features Will Ferrell as fictional NASCAR driver ‘Ricky Bobby’….and is one of my guilty pleasures (I cannot ‘not’ watch this movie if it’s on TV).  More importantly, this film features a ’69 Chevelle that is obviously a tribute to one of Smokey Yunick’s incredible masterpieces.   I found an article about where these cars ended up after filming – looks like they found a good home.  (Fun fact: This movie came out just a few days after my daughter was born…..and my wife and I took her with us to see it.  I’m kind of curious to see what effect that will have on her later in life.)

2) Fast and Furious:
This is the latest installment in the franchise – the fourth film so far. Unlike the previous 3 films, this one features an absolute truckload of sweet sweet muscle cars instead of a bunch of painted-up huge-winged front-wheel-drive 4 bangers .  (Featured in the movie are a ’70 Charger, a ’70 Chevelle, David Freiberger’s “FBomb” Camaro, and more).  Here’s a handy link to Edmunds that has a full write up on each and every car in the flick.

3) Dukes of Hazzard:

I’m referring to the 2005 big-screen version of the Dukes here, which of all of the Dukes installments I probably liked the least…..but man, General Lee never looked better.  I’ve watched the chase scenes in that movie about a dozen times….today.  For whatever reason, when I see that big orange Charger I don’t see a 40-year old car at all…I just see the coolest, smokinest fastest car on the planet.  The Duke Boys bestest buddy.  Superman on wheels.  Just and stong and heroic today as it was when I was a 6-year old….and I still want one!

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