A question to pose this week: is your muscle car too nice to drive?  By that, I mean to say, is your muscle car too valuable to drive – or built with so much care and so many special touches – that the risk of driving it on the open road is too great?

69 gto
Would you risk taking this GTO out on the open road?

I’m on vacation in St Louis this week, and Labor Day was just a few days ago.  Here in St Louis I saw two mid-1980’s Buick GN’s on the street serving daily-driver duty (and they looked great…as most GN’ do!)  I also saw several new Mustangs out and about.    These are both example of muscle cars that are driven.  I did *not* see and 1960’s or 70’s era muscle cars out on the road….though I did see a ’69 Road Runner and ’69 Mustang in a park at (what appeared to be) a photo shoot for a wedding.

Over the weekend I went to a Labor Day car show in Madrid, IA.  The car that won best of show was an absolutely beautiful ’65 Mustang coupe with an exotic Mustang II style front suspension, a 5.0 engine transplant, 17″ wheels, and a flawless paint job that covered both the exterior of the car, undercarriage, and everywhere in between.  I also saw an incredible black ’69 GTO (which my daughter thought was the coolest car at the show) that was restored to factory specs with the exception of  a modern set of BFGoodrich T/A’s.   Both cars were an “A+” on the Coolness factor….but were not likely driven a great deal – and if they were, they clearly didn’t show it.

This brings me back to the original question – is your muscle car too nice to drive?  Is it so valuable that it cannot serve it’s original designed purpose – to provide fun and challenging driving experience with blistering performance and incredible good looks?

In my personal opinion, muscle cars are happy – very happy – when they’re moving fast.  Whether you drive your car daily, on the weekends, or just every now and then, do make sure to drive it.  These cars can be terrific investments…..but even if you have a ’69 Hemi Daytona Charger, you really must take the car out now and then and let it stretch it’s legs.  It was built to run – and the pleasure it will likely return to you will be 10x that what the car feels.  By all means – go for it.  The car will thank you.  Besides, you may end up rekindling some fond high school memories in the process (especially after you get a speeding ticket)!


-Robert Kibbe

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