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K&F Show #264: Proposals during Burnout Contests; Dukes Review S2E21 “Mason Dixon’s Girls”

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KF Show Summary: There was a time in this country where you could do anything and subjective morals said that drugs – like marijuana were evil, but objectification of women…..was a good thing. Smoke em if you got em, right? Times have changed. Anyway, this is the one where Bo and Luke accidentally pick up a water heater that’s really a giant box of marijuana meant for a crime Lord (that old chestnut). In 1980, that meant sexy private detectives in a convertible Trans Am were comin’ after you! It also meant that in 1980 the Dukes of Hazzard had so much juice that this was the SECOND time a new spinoff plot would be introduced in an episode. The Dukes partner up with the detectives, take down the bad guys, right the wrongs, wear the tight jeans, climb the mountains in short shorts, and all’s right with the world. Except the spinoff. Didn’t happen. Thought it was no fault of those jeans. 8.5 Corndogs.

National Parts Depot Presents: Bernie on the News!

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