By far, the most common question people ask themselves before listing their car for sale on a site is:

‘Which place will give my muscle car the best visibility?’

To address this question, we’ve come up with the following 3 reasons why you should list your muscle car for sale with The Muscle Car Place.  These are the factors that set us apart from the rest!

#1) We are not a collector car listing site, nor are we a classic car listing site – we are a muscle car listing site only.  The type of people that we attract don’t just like muscle cars – they love them.    If you’ve got a muscle car you want to sell, you need to get it in front of the correct audience.  Muscle cars are our one and only specialty – we eat, sleep, and breathe them.  You won’t get lost in the sea of ‘collector cars’ here!

In addition, all ads placed on our site are actually ads on our site…and are not just a link that would refer to another site that pays commission for the lead.  Call us old fashioned.  It may be “easier to make a quick buck” going that route,  but that’s simply not our style.  We’d rather do business with you personally!

#2) We help the right people find your ad, the right way – by making a relationship with them (i.e. the old fashioned way again).  How do we pull this off?  We specialize in attracting our audience via several new media methods in addition to conventional ones.  What is “new media” you ask?  New media is the format that is connecting people worldwide via applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogging, Podcasting, E-Newsletters, etc.   These are all areas that we participate in heavily that have a viral effect – they attract a large audience of loyal listeners, followers, and help to build a community of like-minded people with a common interest.  What does that mean?  It means that we’re building a tribe of muscle car nuts – and that’s the exact group you want viewing your ad listing (and it’s fun, too)!

For those of you that are car dealers, finding a place that attracts the masses is the key component to getting your listings viewed – even if you already have your own website that shows your inventory.  We specialize in bringing together the muscle-car masses!  We’d be honored to that job for you so you may focus entirely on doing what you do best – getting the great muscle cars we love up, running, and ready for a new home.

#3) Low Overhead=Great Price and Speed In Listing Your Car! We’re able to keep our per-ad price low (only $49/ad for a 365 day listing) because we heavily use the internet to publicize our business.  We don’t have any capital tied up in creating print publications nor any overhead debt that would put us in a position to require charging more (plus, by focusing our resources to the internet, your ad has access to a world-wide audience)! In addition, by focusing solely on internet publication, there is absolutely no lag time in getting your listing out to the world….and thus no need to wait several days/weeks/months before your listing is available in print.  When you click the ‘Submit’ button, your listing goes live!

For those of you that are car dealerships listing over 3 cars simultaneously, we can offer you monthly and annual membership options that are an even better price per listing.  Contact us directly here for our ad rate card and description listing!  Need even more incentive?  Upon initiating your dealer membership we will migrate in your entire current inventory for you….FOR FREE!

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