If you would like to submit a banner ad for your business or event in a place where muscle car fans can see it…..then look no further! We are pleased to offer advertising space in the most trafficked area we have….the Classifieds section!  Our rate information is below. Ad space can be purchased in multiple places in the Classifieds section in several different sizes and price points – even down to a specific make, model, or price range of car!

We allow you to use any image of your choosing, though we do assume that you have prepared the image ahead of time (we find that most companies have pre-made banner ads).  Any image you choose that is larger or smaller than the pixel size allotted will be scaled to fit.  Once you have previewed your ad you may submit it to be reviewed by our staff for approval.  Once approved you’ll receive notification, enter in your payment information,  click Submit…..and then it will be LIVE!

All Ads submitted feature the following:

Targeted Ads!

Would you like to run ads on specific make/model or price range cars?  We can help!  Contact our Sales Dept today for specific details and pricing.  Targeted banner ads can only be completed by our team internally while standard banner ads can be submitted via the steps below. E-mail our Sales Dept today or call 1-866-356-7261 Extension 1!

Use the process below to submit your advertisement today!

Step #1 – Create a new user registration (Make sure to confirm it in your e-mail!)

Step #2 – Login to the site in the Classifieds Section with your new registration:

Step #3 – Click the My Ads link

Step #4 – Click the Add your Advertisement link

Step #5 – Complete the Submission form!

Step #6  – Once your ad has been approved you’ll receive notification upon how to submit your payment information.  Once you have done so, your ad will run!

Step #7 – Login to your My Ads section regularly to check your statistics!

Banner Advertisement Rates*

Site Banner Advertisements
Ad Placement Ad Size (Units) Ad Size (Pixels) Price/Ad ($/month) Price/Ad ($/yr)
Sidebar 1 Ad Unit 250×140 $80.00 $800.00
Sidebar 2 Ad Units 250×295 $120.00 $1,200.00
Sidebar 3 Ad Units 250×450 $160.00 $1,600.00
Sidebar 4 Ad Units 250×605 $200.00 $2,000.00
Bottom 1 Ad Unit 490×140 $25.00 $250.00
Bottom 2 Ad Units 490×295 $30.00 $300.00
Bottom 3 Ad Units 490×450 $35.00 $350.00
Our Advertisement rates have been calculated using very competitive CPM and CPC prices.  If you have a muscle car related business or event, we’re the best bang for your buck – period!  Don’t continue to run banner ads on “car related” websites.  We’ll help you to get the attention of your target audience.

Audience Demographics:

*Rate is dependent upon ad size purchased and web site traffic.

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