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Today’s Car: The very first ’71 Hemi Road Runner – Fully Documented!



This is the Very First Production 1971 Hemi Road Runner Built!

Here is a very special opportunity for one lucky person to own this awesome looking, extremely rare and heavily documented numbers-matching 1971 Hemi Road Runner. Its complete history is known all the way back to the original owner and the Dealership that ordered it for their showroom display. This exceptional Road Runner has always been very well cared for since new. Although it was an untouched virgin “Survivor” well into the ’90’s with original paint and never having had any rust issues whatsoever, the new owner at the time had the car restored using all original NOS parts. After several years of ownership he sold this car and his entire collection of cars and NOS parts to the Wellborn Museum where this Road Runner had called home until just a couple of years ago when obtained in a trade. I’ve been collecting information on 1971 Hemi cars for many years now and I feel confident making the statement that “There are no more than 20 ’71 model Hemi cars left in existence today with their original factory installed numbers matching drivetrains, a matching Broadcast Sheet, the original Window Sticker, the original purchase contract, the original warranty documentation and complete ownership history back to the original selling dealership”. With all of what this car has going for it and 1971 being the last year of production for the infamous 426 Hemi, this Hemi Road Runner is without a doubt an Investment Grade Collector Musclecar of the Highest Degree!


Let me add some additional information / perspective on why this car is so special. First of all, it’s a 1971 Hemi car, which in itself is extremely rare without even breaking it down into individual models. Secondly, Plymouth only built 59 Hemi Road Runners in 1971 and this very car is the first one to come off the assembly line.  All of the 1971 Hemi car production totals only 3.55% of all Hemi cars ever produced over an 8-year production run. As hard as this might be to believe, I promise you it’s true.  There were just over 11,070 426 Hemi powered cars built in the eight year span from 1964 to 1971 and less than 400 of them were ’71 models. This means that ‘71 model Hemi cars are over 4 times rarer than 1970 model Hemi cars, over 5 times rarer than the ‘69 models and over 6 times rarer than the ‘68 models. Furthermore, Plymouth, having built only 59 Hemi Road Runners in 1971 means they are almost 3 times rarer than a ‘70 model Hemi Runner, almost 14 times rarer than a ‘69 Hemi Runner and a whopping 18 times rarer than a ‘68 Hemi Runner. I’d say these facts definitely qualify the 1971 Hemi Road Runner as being extremely rare. Another interesting fact is that of the 11,070 plus 426 Hemi cars built over the eight year span from 1964 to 1971 with many of them being sold new in Canada there were less than 25 of those Hemi cars actually built in Canada, of which this Road Runner is one of those.

So again I say, here is a very special opportunity for some very lucky person to own an exceptionally rare and awesome looking numbers-matching

1971 Hemi Road Runner that also happens to be one of the very few appreciating investments that a proud owner can share with their family and friends.



Just remember this when buying Rare and Collectible Mopars: The car you’re looking at today and want to think about until tomorrow, is the same

 car that someone else looked at yesterday and is going to buy today!  

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