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Today’s Car: Nut and Bolt Restored Starsky and Hutch Torino! 


This is a replica/tribute car made famous by the TV series “Starsky and Hutch”, that great 1970’s police drama made famous by its weekly appearance. #11 on “Edmund’s 100 Most Popular TV and Movie Cars Ever”,
this replica is a one of a kind. It has been professionally restored down to every nut and bolt, every Chrome part re-plated for that final show car / OEM look. This Thirty-one thousand original mile car is from California, a rust free purchased in July of 2013 from a A little old Lady which was Modesto and not Pasadena. It has been completely disassembled, repainted, and painstakingly restored using the most current technique–such as soda blasting the trunk and floor pans underneath the entire and frame. Painted back to the original design, if not better than it was done from the factory. We didn’t find necessary to soda blast the entire car because it was is such good shape to start with . The frame was completely disassembled, blasted and then powder coated Including all parts like , inner, fenders skirts, core support motor pulls and brackets and to many to list .

All suspension parts were replaced down to inner and outer tie rods, bushings , ball joints, drive shaft joints, brakes and rear axle were disassembled and all bearings replaced. Then the rear axle was powder coated. The entire interior was replaced new and the list goes on and on. As for the wheels they are appliance brand which was used on the original “Starsky and Hutch” car. Even the tires are period authentic Goodyear bias ply.
The paint job and stripe are identical styling to the one on the 1976 car as seen on season three and four except one detail, the color is Viper red and not 2B as it came from Ford– this mean The color is More red but to the naked eye cant be detected .
Thousands of dollars of NOS ” New Old Stock ” Ford parts we sought after and installed to make this as accurate a restoration as anyone could possibly do . The motor was not touched because of the low mileage and already ran so well, why mess with a good thing, but the Transmission has been rebuilt and shift kit was installed along with new original Style Stainless Exhaust, polished from the axel back to bumpers to a brilliant chrome type look . Everything that was possible to make this one make this the most amazing example of a Top Flight or Concourse type Restoration.
The stripes are clear coated to the point where you can’t even feel them and the paint is Buffed to mirror shine. Last but not least all, moldings have been refurbished, polished and painted where and how they came from the factory to the highest quality possible.



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