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Today’s Car: Everything is Bigger in Texas: ‘Super Clean and all original ’68 Riviera with 81,000 miles!


*Note: All text below is taken from the eBay ad*
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
We’re now in round #3 to meet the reserve for Grandma’s 1968 Buick Riviera Sport Coupe cream puff.  She’s a fine specimen of an automobile and she’s 100% original from the Flint, Michigan factory. She was special ordered and shipped to Dallas and remained in Texas all her life.  She was last driven in 1997 and stored in the barn along with other heirlooms. The Exclusive and Original Riviera exterior paint and interior are color-coded XX as “Buckskin.”  She has been given a new battery, spark plugs, rotor, cap, points, hose and fresh fuel…and lots of TLC. The engine was fine-tuned by a professional classic car mechanic, who babied her throughout the fine-tuning process. It was an amazing experience to watch him install the electrical distribution points, rotor, cap and set the “dwell” with his “Tach-Dwell-Points” tuning equipment.  Tuning parameters were read off the manufacturers specification decals located within the hood/engine bay.
Now let’s get down to the “Nitty Gritty”!

$_57 (1)

Engine & Drive-Train – She cranks up within 2 seconds and is 100% functional in all gears…P, R, N, D, L1, L2.
Hood/Engine Bay Area – Her 430-4 purr’s and idles smooth like a kitten with a bit of an attitude.  Hood cover insulation is great and there’s some surface rust in some areas.  Again, there is no paint spray hiding anything.
Interior Area – Immaculate.  The dashboard, instrument cluster, AM/FM radio, headliner, door panels, seating, upper/lower seat belts, carpet, 1 mat, tilt-steering wheel and Soft-Ray glass are in incredible shape.
Exterior Area – Solid in all its splendor with the original “Buckskin” paint.  There is a 4-5 inch scratch on the right-rear quarter panel.  Paint and chrome features could use a good buffing.
Trunk Area – Stunning.  Everything is in pristine looking order.  The bumper jack and tire iron shows no signs of ever being used.  The interior paint is shiny and solid as well as the spare tire pan.
Wheels & Tires – Wheel caps are great and the original “Cushion Belt” tires need replacing (4 Ply: 2-Polyester Cord + 2-Fiberglass Cord = Polyglass).
Lighting – Head and Rear Running/Stop lights work, High/Low beam indicator, emergency and signals work, Dash lights work, 3 of 4 Side marker lights work, 1 of 2 rear-seat passenger lights work.  I’m just not too sure how to remove the round plastic lenses that are in pristine condition.
Glass – All glass is 100% Soft-Ray and in immaculate condition (No Cracks). The windshield eyebrow is factory tinted within.  3 of 4 power windows work (Left-Rear power motor is seized in up position). I could easily remove the interior panel to access and lube the motor…but I’d rather let a professional with experience address it.
Keys – 4 Original keys with key code numbers. 2 Octagonal (Ignition & Door Locks) and 2 Round (Glove Box and Trunk Lock).
Documentation – Please know that the automobile is well-documented with:  Window Sticker, Original Invoice, Sales Person Trade-In Worksheet, Owners Manual, Brochure Sheets (With color chip chart, Specifications), A/C Instruction Hang Tag.  The original certificate of title was photocopied in order to re-apply for title certificate, which I have in my possession. I kept the envelope just in case. Her 1968 Texas “Hemisphere” License Plates are almost perfect. By-The-Way:  both the interior of the automobile and its documentation smell of the era. Perhaps too much information…but its a fact well mentioning.
Required – New tires, A/C Recharge, Left-Rear power window motor, 2 light bulbs and a good bath/polish.
Shipping & Handling – It is the responsibility of the winning bidder/new owner to handle any/all transportation delivery fees.
Storage – I’m willing to allow the automobile to remain at my location for a reasonable period of time…as long as the winning bidder/new owner and I can agree on mutual time-frame.
Security Deposit – A $500.00 deposit is necessary within 24 hours of auction close.


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