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Today’s Car: Daily Driver – Rust Free ’66 Chevelle SS396


You are looking at a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396. It did not start life as a Super Sport but was made into one about 25 years ago. It was painted a custom blue and body work was also done at that time.
It has a couple of small blemishes in the right quarter and a perfectly round bubble that appeared about 20 years ago but has not gotten worse since. There are pictures of the problem areas in the quarters.

There is a dent in the roof from the hood flying open and hitting the roof. The hood and hinges were replaced but the dent in the roof was not. The car body is in good condition and the underside is rust free.
The engine is a big block Chevrolet that was rebuilt and runs awesome and sounds great. The car drives really good and does not exhibit any unusual behaviors. | Muscle Cars for Sale


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