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Today’s Car: Clean and Classy: 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport. Super Cool Clam Shell Headlights Included for Free!



Hall of fame GM designer Bill Mitchell cited the ’63 to ’65 Riviera as one of his best designs of all time and many agree. It has been officially designated as an American Milestone Classic and referred to by famed Italian designer Sergio Pininfarina as …. “one of the most beautiful American Cars ever”.

The 1965 model is considered by many to be far and away the most desirable Riviera ever built and the Gran Sport was the TOP of the line. With only 3,354 built, it’s the one to have.

In terms of luxurious design, “coupled with” outstanding performance, the 1965 Gran Sport was the undisputed king of the 1960’s …….. it had recorded times of 0-60 mph in seven seconds, a most respectable performance for a 51 year-old vehicle weighing over 4,000 pounds. The 425 was good for an easy 360hp and 465 lbs. ft torque at just 2,800 rpm and the Super Turbine 400 transmission was at the time considered the best in the world.




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