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Today’s Car: 1964 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon with a 426 Hemi and a 5-Speed!

1964 Plymouth Belvedere wagon. Ebay would not take the VIN it’s 3645118644
Originally white over red (I think) with a 318 v8. Not sure if it was auto or manual originally.
There are 76,000 miles showing and from the documentation I have it seems to be original.
It was sold new in California and stayed there until about 2000-2001 when it was bought by a gentleman out of Main by the name of Dave O’Maly.
From the pictures you can see it was completely stripped to a shell and restored. It was repainted in it’s current colour, and the interior redone.


Most importantly it got a heart transplant in the form of a built 426 hemi (472ci). The motor was built by Dave Mann. This was not a cheap build, I was told 30k!
The specs are
11.5:1 compression
a .030-inch overbore
11/44-inch stroker crank (Eagle I believe, same with the rods)
.690-inch Crane roller cam
Indy cylinder heads/valve covers.
Solid lifters
Crane roller rockets
Single oil line, with 8qt pan and custom skid plate
twin Holley 650 carbs
An original cross-ram intake.
MSD ignition with a 7000rpm pill (couple spares included 6500 and 6800)
I have the engine build sheet in the dropbox album.
It was dyno’d a year or two ago and put down 520whp

It has a full 68 roadrunner hemi front sub frame complete with disc brakes, and a 69 hemi road runner Dana 60 rear end with 4:10 gears.
Front shocks are drag shocks, but it handles just fine.

The car was then sold to a gentleman in Montreal around 2011. He did a lot of tweaking to the car and did some racing. He had the 4 speed Muncie sent out and had it rebuilt with straight cut gears. On his second time out he launched at 5000rpm on drag radials (lifting the front wheels!) and grenaded the trans, split it right down the middle.
First time out he ran an 11.4 leaving nicely @ 126mph I think it is.
He upgraded to a TKO 600 5spd (3.36 FD) and installed a stage 4 Bully clutch.
A little while later he crushed the oil pan on Montreal’s terrible roads. He had a custom little skid plate built, replaced the pan, and at the same time refreshed the main and rod bearings just because he was in there.
Drove it a bit more, and then I bought it.



The car is a BEAST. I’ve launched it at 5000rpm on street tires, and it just rockets off (once you get traction). There are no bad noises and nothing feels stressed. It’s a bit cold blooded but happily settles down once it gets some heat. It idles in traffic no prob and has a nice big BeCool aluminum rad.
The clutch is a spung 6 puck so it’s a bit grabby when driving slow, but you get used to it. You could just leave every light at 5grand Probably more fun.

The car has no power brakes, no power steering, no heat, original radio is there but not hooked up, no wiper squirters (wipers do work though).
The power rear window works, all crank windows work.

It needs a new dipstick as it does not fit tight anymore and vibrates out (I will try and find one)
The cam that’s in there now is very street friendly, and a set of cut outs would do wonders. Swap those two things and see even more power!
Right now it’s setup to run a 50/50 mix of pump gas and 110 race gas. You can pull 3-4deg of timing and run straight pump gas just fine

Included in the auction are some spare parts including a complete set of trim. pretty sure it’s complete, there is a lot on this car!
A set of matching rear wheels with MT drag radials
a car cover



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