One day each week we’ll list a cool project car or a nice driver for sale here from eBay Motors.  We’ll try to keep the price to a max of $20,000 for full driver cars.  For project cars, no more than $5,000.

1968 Porsche 911

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“Not a Muscle Car – Definitely an Investment – and Maybe the Coolest “Garage Find Story” Porsche 911 ever?

The Porsche 911 odometer reads 15,479 miles, it was last registered in 1971.

There are no rust or rot issues apart from the visible surface rust shown. The car is completely original and untouched.

Options include a sunroof, through the grill fog lights, sway bars, leather steering wheel, and Fuchs wheels.

The interior shows little signs of wear and is truly in amazing original condition. Even the elastic on the door pockets still hold. Dash, visors, and instruments are exceptional. Glass and aluminum window trim are unscratched.

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