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1957 Chevrolet Bel Air – El Camino?

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“Ebay Unicorn Pick: A Real Deal 1957 Chevy…..El Camino?”

Yes, you read right, a 1957 El Camino.  Chevrolet did not start building the El Camino for production until 1959.  It’s been said that this car was one of the prototypes for the 1959 El Camino.  This is a very rare car – supposedly 1 of 7 built for the 1957 Detroit Auto Show.  I have no proof of this (nor do I wish to debate it) but do know that The Danbury Mint made a die cast of this car called “The Phantom”.  Whatever you believe, you can see that the car was made off of a Nomad platform and is a very unusual automobile.

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  1. The 57 El Camino looks delicious. That would have been the best looking El Camino of all time. I never thought much of the 59 Chevys, let alone the El Camino. The 57 is pure sharp!

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