When we last left you Rob and Company had 2 days until the Chevelle needed to be ready for SEMA, and the Chevelle looked like this:

The wheels were on, front brakes were working and the car was getting closer to completion. In an ironic twist the drivers door latch broke and stuck the drivers door shut, leaving only the window to get in and out. We got the door open again but needed to find a new latch ASAP.

Friday night Chevelle


We quickly got the door working again – minus one 50 year old nylon thing. We’re going to guess it’s probably not covered under warranty anymore.


Needless to say, there was a lot of wiring involved


Work continues…

Jeff Allison

It’s 1 AM and Jeff and Jacob are getting ready to install the instrument cluster.

Jeff and Jacob Instrument Cluster

Looking good.

Instrument Cluster

Wait…could it be…

Chevelle Front

I think it is…

Chevelle Back Quarter

It’s back!!! With a powerful new engine…

EngineAnd a shiny new interior.

Chevelle Interior

It looks like we are ready to head off to SEMA!

Chevelle Front

And we’re off – original license plates and all!

Off to SEMA!

Can’t wait to see you there!


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