The Allison boys hold up a new passenger side quarter.  Yes - that's the frame underneath!

Well, the Chevelle build is going at warp speed over at Allison Customs!  The car is completely torn apart, the frame has been sandblasted, the massive shipment of sheetmetal from National Parts Depot has arrived, and it’s time to start cutting, welding, and fixing! As I wrote last week, the amount of rust damage that will need to be repaired is fairly extensive, and full quarters, a full floor, full trunk, rockers, and the like are all in the mix.  Jeff Allison will start with the trunk and begin moving forward. He’s already welded braces all through the body to allow removal of the trunk pan (and eventually floors) and the frame is headed to the rotisserie later this week as a few repairs were necessary.  Jeff is also planning to box the frame to add in extra strength and stiffen the chassis a bit.

Unfortunately I’ll need to keep the remainder of this blog post short as I closed my finger in a car door this morning (see picture below), and typing is next to impossible at the moment. I’ll just share of a few of the pictures that Jeff passed along when opening all of the boxes from NPD. According to Jeff, the massive amount of packing material made it seem like Christmas morning, and Jeff’s wife let me know that he and his boys dove in the pile a few times. We’ll credit NPD with shipping everything incredibly fast and on a single Purchase Order, which is something unique to them (they stock everything in house – no drop shipping)! Had they not been so speedy the “Christmas pile” just wouldn’t have been as impressive. Their speed has also allowed us to get moving faster than anticipated!

That’s it for this week – and be sure to stay tuned for next week’s installment.  I’m happy to report that Detroit Speed is on board the project, and I’ve ordered up their front and rear “Speed Kit 3” suspension packages.  I’ll have full details for you then, but it looks like my plan to clone the abilities of their ’65 Chevelle is underway!

Could it be? Christmas in May? All of those NPD boxes are sitting on top of the Chevelle’s frame – ready to open!
The aftermath. Packing material….lots of packing material, and yes – there is Chrismas wrapping paper in there.
Here is the reason this week’s post is on the short side! I proved today that my finger really will fit in a closed car door.

-Robert Kibbe | Muscle Cars for Sale

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  1. Oh boy. It’s going to be fun when your nail falls off. I like the progress of your Chevelle! Glad to see NPD coming through.

  2. Ouch, when it gets to throbbing non-stop heat a paper clip up and burn a hole in the middle to releive the pressure.

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