Operation “Resume Chevelle” is underway, so Operation “Fund the Chevelle” is also underway!

My loss is your gain! We’re selling off the components purchased for the Chevelle build that were never used (primarily due to the lack of time in prepping for SEMA). All proceeds will be put into the “Get the Chevelle running so I can drive it” fund, so your money is being well spent!

Any of my car pals interested in some sweet deals? Up for sale is a 1 7/8″ stainless long tube header kit (flanges are loose but are for an LS3/L92 style head).


a brand new and totally unused Magnaflow 3″ stainless exhaust system for GM A-body…


…and 2 BFG KDW2’s that were purchased for mockup, but were never mounted up to a wheel.



Feel free to comment here or on our facebook page with any questions. 

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