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For those of you who are regular readers, this blog post was written by Jeff Allison of Allison Customs, now a regular monthly contributor. Jeff is the owner and proprieter of Allison Customs, is building my Chevelle, and is chasing his dream of building cars for a living!

This week’s post from Jeff is the latest update from his shop, Allison Customs. Look for more great stuff here from Jeff in the future!


Jeffery Allison, Allison Customs

Well, the new web site is up and running (  While portions of the site are still being constructed and new pictures are being added, I think the new look and feel of the site is going to make us all happier.

As far as project updates go, the 1970 Firebird is now mostly complete and back on the road for some testing and tuning.  We still need to change out the door glass and the regulators, install a new hood (which hasn’t arrived yet) and of course paint the hood.  In case you don’t remember, the firebird chucked the harmonic balancer into about 10 pieces (that we could find) and needed some upgrades.  So, the engine was torn down to inspect and a new timing cover and balancer were installed.  Then the upgrades started with new wiring, led sequential tail lights, xenon headlights, electric fans on the engine, Edelbrock intake and a GM type throttle body injection system from Affordable Fuel Injection.  The car runs great, starts easy and with just a few tune up issues to go, will be a great daily driver.

The 1968 GMC pickup has similar tune up issues to work out and still is waiting for the cruise control to be installed, otherwise it is ready to be detailed and shipped back to Albuquerque to the owner.  So, hopefully that one will be done and on its way home this month.

Robert’s 1964 Chevelle is still deep into recovery.  As of Monday the 1st of August it is being soda blasted to get to some solid metal to weld back to.  The rear tail panel area is nearly a complete loss and the firewall is rusted in some areas so badly that a new firewall may be in order.   The new trunk floor is being prepped and readied to go into the trunk as soon as I get the tail panel fixed up and since we are mini tubbing the trunk pan will get modified before being installed.   On the up side, the frame is done and back from powder coat and ready to be assembled with its new suspension.  Also Robert’s rear tires are now in the shop (BFG KDW 295-35 -18).  What a nice tire, and huge!  This one is a time consuming project , but aren’t all the worthwhile ones?

Soda blaster the the rescue!
Driver’s side Chevelle tail panel, or what’s left of it.
Swiss cheesed firewall.
Passenger side Chevelle tail panel. Someone has been here before!

Finally, I bought an early 80’s Volvo 240 2 door as a project for myself.  I had a 4 door model in high school and part of college and I miss having a great highway car.  So, I plan to clean it up and put a new powerplant and running gear in it and use it as a commuter car for my trip to work each week.  Any thoughts on “motorvation” ?

I think that about covers the update. As always, if you are interested in what is going on at Allison Customs, you can reach me at 505-330-2174 or, I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your time.

Jeffery Allison
Allison Customs

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