TMCP #504: Rick Love from Vintage Air; Re-inventing Class Car A/C, Electric Compressor Evaluations, and Killer Hot Rod!

Every spring, when the weather starts to get warm, I like to talk to Rick Love, President of Vintage Air about new cold air products and technical details of the add on systems. Rick is an amazing resource and a leader, not only in air conditioning but in the automotive aftermarket as a whole. At the 2021 SEMA show he was inducted into the SEMA hall of fame for his lifetime of work in the industry!

TMCP #503: Ask Rick – All Electric C8 Corvette’s vs Investing In Blue Chip Classic Muscle Cars!

Happy May! Rick Schmidt is back again for an all new Ask Rick segment, this time devoted to the future of new American performance cars …. specifically the Corvette and the Mustang.  Both of those iconic cars have a new “electric” version available along with an amazing gasoline variant….at least for now. American buying habits started changing long before the high gas prices and inflation surges we are experiencing now. As Rick pointed out, in the case of the Mustang (the “Mach-E” SUV, specifically) it’s only crime is bringing many new first-time customers to Ford! At the same time, it would appear that the gasoline powered Camaro’s, Challengers, and Chargers are all on borrowed time. What does the future hold?

TMCP #501: SEMA’s Colby Martin – What is the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act All About?

This week I spoke to Colby Martin of the SEMA Action Network to get all of the nitty gritty details on the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act. The news of the act finally being able to move forward after 7 long years of it becoming law has been huge! Specifically, it now means that a licensed replica vehicle manufacturer can build up to 325 replica “classic” cars per year! Unlike current replica and “kit” cars, the customer can purchase it fully completed (running/driving) and register it in their own state accordingly. It’ll look and feel just like the original, but there is one catch; it has to be emissions compliant with “modern standards!” Clear as mud, right? Colby was here to sort out the minutia of it all. 

TMCP Milestone #500 Celebration: Ask Rick – All About the Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturers Act!

Happy April Fools Day! Believe it or not, but we don’t have any fun pranks to pull for you this year….but it absolutely IS time for another insightful, thoughtful, and surprising edition of Ask Rick! This time took a deep dive on the topic a LOT of you want to know more about: the SEMA Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act. The law itself was passed in 2015, but it took over six years (and a second SEMA lawsuit) to get the NHTSA to finally give the ruling needed to make it a reality. It now us, and manufacturers can begin the process of producing up to 325 cars per year…..legally, at least.

TMCP #499: Jon Chase – Making a Change Again And Using It To Help Kids Mental Health

Our guest this week is once again the man who is the master of changing his life to do amazing things, Jon Chase! Jon is a well known name in the auto-verse and I must admit that I was a little shocked when he announced he was leaving HOONIGAN to resume his own art brand, DSTROYR. The goal though was specifically around raising awareness for children’s mental health. I asked him on the show to shed some light, and he agreed!

TMCP #498: Larry Callahan – Pro-Touring Update, New Autocross Events – SEMA Low-Volume Manufacturers Act Has Been Enacted!

Spring is just around the corner and that means it is finally time for a new Pro-Touring Update with Mr. Larry Callahan! It has been six months since our last full update and it is very good to talk and catch up. He let me know that big things are changing but not with the website or his cars. Larry is moving! He found a house with land for his wife to grow animals and plants as well as the added benefit of room for a hoist and room for cars. He figures he can lift a full size truck over his head and save himself the pain of crawling on the floor to work on cars. I asked if this was going to affect the website due to moving the servers and he settled that real quick by clarifying that the server was never at his house and in the hands of a professional service.  

TMCP #497: Ask Rick – Which Modern EV Company will Stand the Test of Time? Plus, a History of the Batmobile!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! With the launch of a new month it’s time to bring Rick Schmidt back on for another session of Ask Rick. As you may have noticed, in the premier marketing event of the year (i.e. the Super Bowl) all of the car companies focused solely on advertising their new electric offerings. Chevy went quite far on their new EV Silverado with some – admittedly – really engaging advertisements (we are suckers for Austin Powers).

As this trend seems inevitable, and with the proliferation of new electric car brands popping up all over, and I wanted to get Rick’s opinion on whether we were about to see a new round of automobile manufacturers join the market as they did when electric cars existed with various companies in the early 20th Century. History does tend to repeat itself, right? Should we make a speculative bet on buying and holding any of these new cars for future collector value?

TMCP #496: Bob Broderdorf – Dodge Is Looking For A Chief Donut Maker…And It Might Be YOU!

Our guest this week is Bob Broderdorf. Bob is the Director of North American Dodge Operations and an all around Mopar performance guy! Dodge has been sharing and promoting the “Never Lift” campaign where over 24 months they will show where the brand is headed and why it is great to be a Dodge fan. In this interview he’ll give the details on what it is, how it works, and how you can get HIRED for a one year gig with a huge paycheck, a Hellcat to drive, and all the Dodge events you could swing a stick at!

Daytona 500 Movie Prep: Talladega Nights! Note: In prep for the upcoming Daytona 500 we are including a rebroadcast of our review of the movie Talladega Nights. This was originally presented in Episode 120 of the Kibbe and Friends Show. 

TMCP #495: Chris Holstrom – The Ins and Outs of Selling Custom Cars at the BIG Auctions!

Our guest this week is Chris Holstrom from Chris Holstrom Concepts. Chris is a long time friend of the show and his shop is known for creating some of the most beautiful, award winning, and subtle muscle cars and customs around. He recently represented a client’s gorgeous 1964 Corvette at the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale…..and in his words he “learned a lot” from it in regards to how the process of selling at a highly watched auction works! In this episode he’s going to share the lessons he learned, good, bad, etc. as well as what he plans to do when he does it all again (and he’s going to).