TMCP #518: Pro-Touring Update with Larry Callahan: UMI King of the Mountain, Good Guys Fall Events, and a New Garage Studio: Moparty Sneek Peek – Vanishing Point Challenger and Hemi Gen III ’65 Coronet

This episode has everything! First up, a Pro-Touring Update with Larry Callahan complete with a recap fro UMI King of the Mountain, a look at upcoming Good Guys Fall Events, and a New Garage Studio for Larry! Also included, a Moparty Sneek Peek – Vanishing Point Challenger and Hemi Gen III ’65 Coronet.

TMCP #517: Mike Finnegan Returns – Behind the Scenes of Cleetus McFarland’s Bristol 1000!

This week marks the return of friend and listener favorite Mike Finnegan! Mike is an all around great dude, loved in the automotive entertainment industry, and was the original co-host of the Kibbe and Finnegan Podcast Show (which became Kibbe and Friends in 2019). This week marks the end of the second phase of our sister show “The Kibbe and Friends Show” where we reviewed the final episode of all 7 seasons of The Dukes of Hazzard. Since Mike helped it all begin, I asked him on to celebrate hitting the big milestone. (Kibbe and Friends isn’t going away however, now we get to go back and hit all of the early episodes that Corndog loved most….and maybe build a few more Dukes stunt cars!)

TMCP #516: Ask Rick – Is Removing the VIN Tag a Good Thing or Bad? Bonus Interview with Scott Janson from Woodward – Performance Variant Manager at General Motors

Happy September! Football is here and we can let the Fall celebrations begin. I once again got to catch up to Rick Schmidt from National Parts Depot to ask the burning questions that are on your mind to get his opinion on the burning questions we need to know most. Specifically, pulling VIN tags off of clunkers for a restoration, and Rick’s take on buying a 2023 HEMI car as an investment hedge! (To cut to the chase on the HEMI cars; Rick’s take is to skip the hype and pick up when in a few years. They’ll be plentiful and a better deal.)

TMCP #515: Live from Roadkill Nights 2022: Special Feature – Jeff Gale Dodge Chief Interior Designer, Justin Chizek Dodge Brand Manager, Kyumin Oh Durango Brand Manager, Herman Young Demonology

Welcome to Part 2 of our 2022 Dodge Reveals and Roadkill Nights coverage! We had so many great opportunities to speak with Dodge insiders that a second *Bonus* show was required to fit it all in. As with Episode 514, if you love inside OEM info on Dodge cars and marketing, this episode will leave you a little mind blown. Dodge insiders from the marketing brands and vehicle designers give great information about upcoming models as well as hints about what the future could bring. This episode is capped off with Herman Young, Dodge Demon drag racer and YouTuber. For people that want drag racing setup insight, listen twice!

TMCP #514: Live from Roadkill Nights 2022: Special Feature – David Freiburger Roadkill Show, Mark Malmstead Head of Dodge SRT Marketing, Ashton Munoz Charger Brand Manager, Keith Yancy Career Automotive Program,

In this weeks show we sent The MuscleCar Place staff writer Scott Stap to once again attend the ground shaking Roadkill Nights event plus an additional three nights of Dodge reveals inside the all new Event Center at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan! If you love inside OEM info on Dodge cars and marketing, this episode will leave you a little mind blown. The title photo you see above is that of the 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona Banshee SRT Prototype. He witnessed the reveal in person. It’s AWD, all electric, does make “exhaust” noise (of some kind), and is probably lights out fast. Regardless of where you stand on electric cars….it’s outstanding looking for sure!

TMCP #512: Ask Rick – New Horsepower Muscle and the Future of the Internal Combustion Engine!

Ask Rick: As the electric offerings from car makers increase, we couldn’t help but discuss the fact that Ford, GM, and Chrysler all have unbelievably higher performing new”real engine” offerings. Ford brought the V8 back to the 2023 Raptor, Chevy just released their first flat-crank engine ever in the new Corvette Z06, and Dodge is continuing to rank #1 in customer satisfaction for their HEMI vehicles. And with all of that said….Ford and GM as well (as other manufacturers) are talking about letting employees go to afford to develop electric cars in a long term bid to get fully into the non gasoline market. What gives?

TMCP #511: Calibrated GM, MOPAR, and Ford Engine Tuning Via E-Mail! Branden Leeb and Mike Carnahan, Elite Tuned and Elite Tuning School

This week I have the honor of interviewing Branden Leeb and Mike Carnahan of Elite Tuned and Elite Tuning School to explain the process of remotely – and iteratively – tuning fuel injected engines. Their specialty is GM Gen III, IV, and V engines and they recently they have added in both MOPAR and Ford tuning capability as well. Recently I had Elite tune my Chevelle when Zip Simons at Street Metal Concepts told me he used their services often. Man…was he ever right! In my case, they gave better results than I had received from two different shops that ran the car on a dyno. I was amazed at the compete difference in drivability and power delivery after the process was complete and I had to get an interview to find out the secret sauce that made such a difference.

TMCP #510: LS Fest Texas Special – SAM Tech Automotive Machining School – Mike Hepp Top Fuel Racing With A Cause – Blane Burnett, Creating a New LS Fest

Holley Performance puts on some amazing events that people look forward to every year, all of which kicked off with the “OG” event called LS Fest. At that event any vehicle that had a General Motors LS engine was allowed, regardless of make, model, creed, color, or religion! Other events soon followed including LS Fest West in Las Vegas and this year LS Fest Texas at the Texas Motor Speedway!

Luckily for us we were able to send out the dynamic duo of Producer Bernie McPartland and YouTube star and performance vehicle magician Cody Young from Cody Crafted. The boys had only one goal: get some great interviews before the heat melted them to the asphalt. They had success and we have three feature interview to present in this week’s show: SAM Tech Automotive Machining School – Mike Hepp Top Fuel Racing With A Cause – Blane Burnett, Creating a New LS Fest!

TMCP #509: Ask Rick on the Economy – Gas Prices are Bad, Electric Car Rebates are For the Rich, and Muscle Cars are Fantastic!

Happy July and Happy Independence day! It is finally time to spend lots of money and blow up stuff in celebration of this country’s birth! Rick Schmidt is back again for an all new Ask Rick segment and this time we dive deep into Rick’s thoughts on the economy, inflation, and government rebates to the upper class on electric cars. This is one of those episodes were Rick unloaded both barrels, reloaded, and did it again. And then again!