Well, the big day is here.  I am now set to officially release the first episode of Cars For A Living, my new show just for those that would love to find a way to turn their automotive passions into a career, business, or life long journey!

In this week’s show I gave a quick overview of what can be expected from this show, and detailed it all on the Cars For A Living page as well (I’d encourage you to read that). The bulk of the show was made up of an interview that I did with Neil Kristianson from the Help Start My Small Business podcast. My goal with that interview was to quickly share my background and story to give people an idea of where I’m coming from, and how I think I can be of help.

As I outlined on the Cars For A Living page, I will plan to create 10 shows as packed full as I possibly can with tidbits to help people go from an idea to real action with their businesses. After that I’ll assess where things stand and decide if going further makes sense. Hopefully it will, but if it isn’t, at least I’ll know that I tried.

I will maintain a SEPARATE NEWSLETTER just for Cars For A Living, and I’d encourage you to sign up for that. To sign up for the newsletter, click HERE. I’ll put every blog and podcast post out through there.  I’ll plan to get this show into iTunes and Stitcher just as soon as I can, but for now you’ll be able to listen to it (or download it) right here.

Here’s to the journey!

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-Robert Kibbe


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