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Dan Kahn, President of Kahn Media, Boss 302 Driver, and my new Co-Host!

I’m happy to announce in this episode of the Cars For A Living podcast the addition of Dan Kahn as my new show Co-Host! Dan is the President of Kahn Media in Los Angeles and has literally been working in the aftermarket parts, PR, and media industry since he got his Mustang into a few car magazines at the age of 16. Dan brings an absolute treasure trove of industry connections and experience to the table and I couldn’t be more thrilled that we’ve teamed up together in the creation of Cars For A Living. He contacted me just after the release of Cars For A Living to ask if he could help with the show in some way, and our discussions quickly lead to the decision that we needed to team up!

While I’ll certainly leave the details of Dan’s already extensive career to the podcast itself, what really intrigued me about Dan’s story is that when he started his career he had a goal to never be self-employed or own his own business. He had watched the stress and strain that his dad went through as a business owner, and at a young age he decided that the pain and uncertainty just wouldn’t be worth it.

As he advanced in the industry he quickly accelerated in the magazine world, moved onto Edmunds.com, then moved to the PR world, and seemed to be on a career track that most guys would give their eye teeth for. He realized though that his frequent job hopping was a recurring symptom of either boredom or dissatisfaction and finally came to the revolution that he had to leap out and start his own business. He struck a deal with his wife, set a goal to become a “real” business within the period of 1 year, and Kahn Media was born….in his spare bedroom.

Today Kahn Media has 9 team members and 13 major automotive clients, and they offer a full suite of PR, media, and social media services on behalf of their clients. Dan is also the President Elect of the SEMA Young Executives Network, another example of his industry commitment and involvement.

Between the two of us it is our hope to be the resource we wish we’d have had ourselves when getting started. While Dan and I come from completely different backgrounds both personally and professionally, we both have the same passion to help others find a way to create a part-time or full time career in the automotive world, or even start their own business!

For those that have been so supportive of me in the first three episodes of Cars For A Living, please be assured that I genuinely believe that Dan’s presence on the show will be a huge asset and is in no way intended to dilute the waters. I’ll still read all of your e-mails and answer as many of them as I possibly can.

Here’s to the future!

-Rob Kibbe



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