Welcome to the third episode of Cars For A Living! I created this show just over a month ago specifically to help out those that would love to find a way to turn their automotive passions into a career, business, or life long journey!



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Carey Barrett's '71 Camaro

In this episode I brought in our very first guest ever to this show to discuss what it’s like to do what a many car guys have dreamed….but few have actually completed. In 1997 Carey and a friend created a pilot for a new car TV show called MuscleCar Boulevard, and believe it or not, it’s something that would be VERY at home with many of the car TV shows you see on Speed, Spike, and Velocity today.

The process of creating a high end show was actually fairly easy for him as he’s worked in the television industry since 1984 for a company generating programming on ESPN, ESPN2, Nat Geo, Versus and The Outdoor Channel. His real passion is for all things automotive though, so he and a friend pooled $25,000 together and created their first show. They found that initiating the process opened more doors than they ever could have dreamed of, and by the time it was all said and done they had met Smokey Yunick, did a 5-minute segment with NASCAR driver Ken Schrader, shot on location at the famous Scottsdale, Arizona McDonalds, and even spent a little time in Iowa with an exclusive collection of Yenko’s!

When the show was completed they edited it and took it to the networks and advertisers. It was incredibly well received….but they we just couldn’t get it sold. In Carey’s words, “We were better at producing programs than selling them, and sponsors, as you know, make our world go round.” (As a side note I’ve found this to be a common theme amongst creators of great items, as the creation of something is only quarter the battle – the other 75% is the “hustle” part of selling it! This is an area where I really find the DISC Personality test to be a helpful tool as it helps you understand your personality’s natural strengths and weaknesses. I covered that more in depth in Episode 2 of Cars For A Living.)

During the interview Carey shared the lessons he learned, and also discussed how he’d go about it again if he were to do it in today’s world, which in the internet age is a totally different animal. He also shared with my privately that just working in the automotive TV industry would be satisfying to him, and he’d not need to own his show to be happy!

I really would like to thank Carey for coming on the show, and I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from his experience. I genuinely believe that Carey is much further down the road now than he was when he started. If he ever chooses to pursue a TV show again I’m sure he’d see further success….but from speaking with him I think he just may end up flipping in muscle cars! I’ll leave off with a quote from an e-mail that Carey sent me. His ’71 Camaro is the car pictured above.

“Having graduated high school in 1972, I’m still into Musclecars and always have one on hand. I’m mostly a bowtie guy, Chevelles/Camaros, but truly like them all. Recently sold a 1970 Chevelle LS5 convertible with air and currently have a 71 Camaro SS, 4 speed, burnt orange, black interior. These are the kind of cars I had growing up so that’s what I like to have around now. Usually keep them for a year or two then I’m ready to find the next one. I love the “hunt” and spend lots of hours at the computer just looking for the next perfect car. My wife actually gets it, so that’s cool.”


Carey can be reached directly at carbarss@yahoo.com.




I’ve received a ton of feedback since starting Cars For A Living, and it’s my intent to try to answer questions for people in every single show. If you’d like to send something in, please e-mail carsforaliving@themusclecarplace.com.

1) Carey B.
Hi Robert, I love the new show! I have come really close on two occasions on buying a business (one was automotive). I am married with a six year old daughter, so I am not going to leave my cushy government job (that bores me to tears) unless I have a great plan! I am really finally at the place I need to be to make it happen.

2) Joseph
I’ve not embarked on Cars for a Living journey yet, I’m just slogging my way through corporate America like you did before the big leap……… and it’s slowly killing my soul. But my 33 Ford hot rod brings me back to sanity, albeit temporarily.

3) Ron L.
Rob, Just listened to your new “cars for living” and wanted to say good job. I might never make a living at cars but I find your information applicable to business in general!

4) Steve B.
Rob, I am certainly excited that you have put this together. I too have been chasing my automotive dream for some time. I was able to take this to the next level a few years back and actually opened my first shop. However, with the economy, I had to scale it back to a smaller level again and renter the Information Technology world that I have the most experience with. I am still doing business and am working to grow it to a full time business. I know it will get there and someday I too will be doing “Cars for a living”!

5) Frank B.
Robert, I love, absolutely love, your new Cars for a Living podcast! First and foremost, I applaud your strong Faith and priorities–God, family, then others. Also, you are to be commended for your courage and strength in mentioning that “…success is making enough money to end abortion.” Bravo!! These are indeed the most important things. Secondly, I love your new Podcast because it is exactly what I need. At the end of January, I left my family’s business after nearly 22 years to pursue starting a business in cars–specifically, a high-end speed shop. While I’m working with good coaches and have visited many successful shops, the humility, clarity, and enthusiasm with which you deliver the podcast provide great encouragement.




The following links are resources that I referred to during the show that I have used personally or that I believe will be helpful. Just in full disclosure, some of these resources are affiliate links (meaning I would receive a commission from the primary vendor if you choose to purchase them).

1) DISC Personality Test. This is the place I bought my tests and have referred to my friends as well. Tests start at $28.50 and are one of the biggest bargains I can think of in this arena.

48days.com (affiliate link)

Cars For A Living Episode 2 – More info on how the DISC process works.

2) Internet Business Mastery. This is the online course I took to go from ZERO knowledge about business to a pretty decent understanding of how to get a website up, how to determine what to sell, how to do good Search Engine Optimization, and how to manage my time. I may have learned more here than I did in college. It wasn’t free, but I thought it was really worth it.

Internet Business Mastery (affiliate link)

Here’s to your success – and to the journey!
-Robert Kibbe

p.s. Just as a reminder, I have a separate newsletter just for Cars For a Living here. 


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