Welcome to the second episode of Cars For A Living. I debuted this show just over a month ago specifically to help out those that would love to find a way to turn their automotive passions into a career, business, or life long journey!



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In this episode I decided to dig in heavily on two topics that I think are truly critical in the success of any business, be it one you’re just considering, or one you’ve been in for 20 years; personality type and mindset.

Personality Type

When it comes to evaluating your personality type and how it applies to your business choice, I find that this is an area a lot of people skim over too quickly. It’s incredibly important that you make sure that the role you play in your business best lines up with your personality strengths, not your weaknesses. Why? Because business is hard work, and it’s something you’re going to pour everything you have into. If you engage in a role in your business that goes against your personality type grain it will drain you faster than Bubba Watson can hit a hook shot.

During the show I described the type of personality test that I understand the best, the DISC test. I’ve done my DISC testing through Dan Miller’s website, 48days.com. I’ll include a link below in the resources area should you wish to take the test yourself.


The engineer in me still cringes when talking about “mindset” and “positive thinking” type topics, but I now know that a positive mindset is one of the most critical keys to business success. It’s more important than talent, more important than brains, and is even more important than ambition. Simply put, you must give yourself permission to succeed, to think big, and to go for the gold. If you believe you’re worth $40,000 per year, that’s what you’ll make. If you believe you’re worth more, you are. It’s all between your own two ears, and you must get that straight now.

So how does one develop a positive mindset? Just like your body, you mind needs to be fed and exercised in order for it to flourish. You’ll need to read (or listen) to great encouraging and informative material, and I’ll include a few links in the resource area below to help with this. Following, surround yourself with people achieving at the level you yourself would like to achieve. These people can be found in your church, chamber of commerce, or even online communities. Start looking for them intentionally – you’ll find them.

Listener Mail

I addressed the following listener questions in this week’s show, and hopefully the answers provided will be of help for many of you out there:

1) The major thing I’m struggling with right now is the negative perception I’m getting from my wife and family of doing cars for a living as the source of income for my family.

2) I have always loved cars and worked on them since I was 15 and have a passion for Chevelles. I have 4 1969’s, two that I purchased for resale. I feel I bought them at the right price to make a reasonable profit, but I do not believe I am marketing them properly.

3) I love buying and selling classic Mustangs. I look for projects, drivers, show cars and rare basket cases.  Trying to do it all cash flowed without debt.  This is very hard since you can tie up a lot of money in each car, and since I don’t want to take out any personal loans, it can be slow going at times.

4) I’ve not embarked on Cars for a Living journey yet, I’m just slogging my way through corporate America like you did before the big leap……… and it’s slowly killing my soul.

Show Resources:

The following links are resources that I referred to during the show that I have used personally or that I believe will be helpful. Just in full disclosure, some of these resources are affiliate links (meaning I would receive a commission from the primary vendor if you choose to purchase them).

1) DISC Personality Test. This is the place I bought my tests and have referred to my friends as well. Tests start at $28.50 and are one of the biggest bargains I can think of in this arena.

48days.com (affiliate link)

2) A great book in positive mindset – one of the classics.

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

3) A great book on understanding why men desire to chase big dreams (this is a great one to share with your wife as well)

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

4) The best hosting company to use in setting up your first WordPress website for your business. They offer one-click WordPress installs and great customer support, all for just $6.95/month!

Bluehost (affiliate link)

Here’s to your success – and to the journey!
-Robert Kibbe

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