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Marketing Options For Your Automotive Business:

Part 1 – Traditional (Major) Media

In this episode of Cars For A Living we decided to do the first part in a series of “How to Market” an automotive business, be it a service business, parts shop, etc. The reality is that in any business, marketing it well is a key component in letting the world know that you have something cool to sell, and that they need to come buy it from you as soon as they possibly can.

It used to be that advertising options were fairly limited to the traditional powerhouses of TV, radio, and print, but with the advent of the internet and social media the game has changed completely. That being said, TV, radio, and print are still incredibly influential, and for a lot of people are still one of the best solutions at getting to a ton of eyes and ears…..if they can afford it!

So, with that stage set, in this particular show Dan and I discussed (in depth):

We also touched on how to approach advertising rate cards (here’s hint – it’s all negotiable), and how to go about getting highly effective free publicity in automotive magazines by using some common sense and a few hundred dollars in equipment.

In our next episode we’ll delve into the work of automotive social media marketing and advertising (think automotive forums, Facebook, etc.) and discuss how you can effectively build a brand by spending a little bit of money (but maybe a lot of time) interacting with present and potential customers.

Wrapping Up

We’d love to get your feedback on how how you deal with these issues as well as what you’d like us to concentrate on for the next show. Feel free to simply reply in the post notes below, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, or shot us an e-mail!

-Rob Kibbe & Dan Kahn



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