Folks, the results from our survey launched 2 weeks ago are now in, and the results are incredible. Nearly 72% of you out there would like to change careers into something automotive related! First, I must thank you all for participating. I had originally planned to put out several surveys of different topics as I really didn’t think I’d see the response that we did. After the second day I knew that another survey of a different topic would not be necessary. Actually, by the third day of the survey I discovered that once you’ve gone over 100 responses you have to upgrade your account, so that was a new one for me as well!

I thought I would share a highlight of the results here and then give you an idea of the path forward. As I stated in my original post two weeks ago, Muscle Car Sized Careers, I realize it must seem fairly oddball to be reading things like this on a website devoted to the buying and selling of muscle cars. The thing is though, the website and business you see here was developed out of my desire to escape the 9-5 job, do something entrepreneurial, take a risk, and hopefully find a way to legally take a tax deduction for my need for speed. It’s ended up becoming a lot more; far more than I had ever planned. Through the podcast show especially I’ve become very close with a lot of you, and it’s now clear to me that I have a responsibility to help those of you out there that might like to take the leap as well. Be warned though, a career change is never easy, and launching a business is never quick. There are a billion and one ways to fail at doing something like this, and don’t ever let someone tell you that it’d be easy and risk free. I guarantee you that it isn’t easy, nor is it risk free. It is worth it though!

For now my plan is to start developing new materials that I think will be helpful and to start posting them online. I have yet to decide whether that will be here at TMCP or whether it’d be better served on a new website dedicated just to that. I really don’t want to clutter things up for those of you that come here to (shock) buy and sell cars, though if you are a dealership you’ve likely realized that the audience here is just a little bit different than you’re used to anyway. This isn’t just an online classifieds website. It’s a community of muscle car loving nuts who love to buy them, own them, restore them, race them, and think so much of them they’d like to make a career out of their passions. Crazy, huh?

For those of you wondering whether there will be a charge for these materials, the answer is both yes and no. Up front, I’ll plan to start organizing, researching, and writing everything I know into a format that I think will be helpful, and all of that will go online for free. Read it to your hearts content, and then go knock it out of the park. I will also plan to develop that material into either an e-book or an online course, with as many value added extras as I can possibly stuff in there, and those are the areas that I see (at least initially) that may have a charge to them.  I’m enough of a capitalist to know that my time is valuable, so it’d be crazy to devote a large chunk of my life to this without a plan in place to help it pay some bills. I also have learned (the hard way) that sometimes it’s hard for people to take action on things like this when they have no skin in the game, and sometimes paying for something is just the kick people need to take action. Take that from the experiences of a former financial counselor, as the people I helped for free rarely took action, and the people that I charged (and gave the same advice to) almost always did.

Long story short, thank you sincerely for giving me the opportunity to help you. I’ll do my best to get things rolling for you quickly, so just stay tuned. For now though….back to the cars!

-Robert Kibbe

p.s. To the guy that responded that we could improve the podcast by adding “MORE COWBELL“, you made my day.

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