The big day is finally here – the OFFICIAL launch of The MuscleCar Place and we’re doing it in style on the Hot Rod Power Tour!  That’s right – 7 days of loud, hot, and smelly cars….i.e. Heaven.


The MuscleCar Place has been a dream of mine for some time – and it’s been very fulfilling to see it become a reality.  It’s a combination of a lot of things really – and I can’t wait to help other people in finding their dream cars, dream projects, or anything in between.

My intent is to provide the single-best resource to those wishing to buy and sell muslce cars, as well as cater to people who just like the cars in general.   In addition to the classisieds listing service that we’ll have available, there could be MANY things in the future to add on as well (I can’t wait to take the first group of people to stunt driving school)!

The highlight of The MuscleCar Place will not be the cars though – it will be you!  Each week I intend to interview one of you personally – to share your car story with the world – and we’ll put it into to each week’s podcast.  As of today’s writing (June 5, 2009) I already have the next several interviews lined up!  If you’d like to share your story, please e-mail us here and our staff of dedicated muscle car people (i.e. my wife and I) will review all submissions personally.  If your story is chosen you’ll be contacted to schedule the interview over the phone.   It’s that easy – you’re famous!  We’ll send you a copy of the recording as our thanks to you, and then be sure to listen for your interview in the weekly podcast on our site or in iTunes (which you can subscribe directly by clicking here).  Share it with your family and friends!  You’ll also be featured in our weekly newsletter!

Speaking of the newsletter…..after you sign up to receive the newsletter on the right side of this page, each week you’ll receive an e-newsletter with tips, tricks, and a feature of the weekly muscle car story mentioned above.  By signing up for the newsletter you get a free one-month subscription to Keith Martin’s Collector Car Price Tracker, which is one of the slickest resources out there that uses actual market sales values for determining you car’s REAL current market value. Hopefully the newsletter will be the one e-mail each week you can’t wait to get!

Please also check out our Facebook page and Blog posts.  I’ll put plenty of pictures from the Power Tour onto both Facebook and the Blog – and you may put YOUR pictures onto the Facebook page as well….because it’s your page too!  For those of you that are really cutting edge, you may also find us on Twitter by clicking here.  We’ll be tweeting (or is it twitting?) away and also answering as many direct tweet messages as possible.

That’s about it for now – see you on the road!

-Robert Kibbe

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