K&F Show #86: Corndog’s Deep Diven of Listener Questions: Wheel Stander General Lee, Uncle Jesse’s Brown Truck, and Joe Dirt’s Daytona

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Listen in and be regaled by this most recent of episodes featuring the cranial knowledge bucket of Sir Justin Cornette…also known as Corndog. e decided to take a different route this time and have him do a grab bag of answers to listener questions submitted through our Instagram page…so be prepared to be amazed, awed, and humiliated by his depth of Mopar-Hollywood-Restoration knowledge.

Topics Covered Include:

-Joe Dirt’s Daytona and GTX

-Corndog’s C1 Corvette Build

-Why aliens in cars lead to better interior shots for future reference

-The full story on the Wheelstander General Lee built for (but never used) the final episode of the Dukes of Hazzard.


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