TMCP #350: Silver Sport Transmissions Talks Modern Overdrive Automatic Swaps for ’69 Chargers (and All Muscle Cars) – Ask Rick, Collectible R Model Shelby Mustangs and Whether to Restore a Basket Case

In this TMCP episode I spoke to Jeff Kauffman ‎and Bryan White (and former TMCP interviewee) from ‎Silver Sport Transmissions Maryville, Tennessee. Since I picked up the General Lee I have been debating options for overdrive transmissions to make life on the highway a little easier. Also overdrive transmissions have been around since before the 80’s so it is possible the Duke Boys could have swapped one in (if they had been allowed on highways outside of the county). I asked Jeff and Bryan to come on the show and answer some of my questions about transmission options. Want to hear something else cool? The old Cars for a Living podcast show that I used to host is one of the reasons Bryan left his ho-hum career with a major corporation to join the aftermarket…and Silver Sport was where he landed!

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