K&F Show #246: Ralphie Grew Up to Be a MOPAR Man! Movie Review: “A Christmas Story Christmas”

This is Part 2 of our Christmas season with a 3-week long Holiday Trifecta! Last week we re-aired our 2019 review of “A Christmas Story,” the top choice of our man Corndog for Christmas Americana. This week we’ll review the new “A Christmas Story Christmas” sequel movie, and next week will be a full run down of the one and only Dukes of Hazzard Christmas epidote: The Great Santa Clause Chase!

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Movie Notes: Remember when I told you in the original Christmas Story Review that the whole movie was a love letter to his dad? I was right! Ralhie is an adult now with a wife and kids of his own, and he has to deal with the passing of his Old Man at Christmas while simultaneously dealing with his own career midlife crisis. There are bar flies that will amuse you, a mom that hides from the scourge of the earth known as carolers. Thanks to his wife and his mom, Ralhie gets the win, teaches his kids how to stand up to bullies, and has a few beers with his life long friends. And fixes a Plymouth radiator with a half dozen eggs. This masterpiece is going to rival – for some – the best movie of 2022. Watch out Top Gun Maverick, and screw the crappy review that the New York Times gave. This is a classic for the rest of time! PERFECT 10 LITTLE DEBBIE CHRISTMAS TREE RATING.