K&F Show #233: Door Panels & Dub IROC-Z Wheels – Movie Review: Tucker: The Man and His Dream

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MoParty returns to Beech Bend Raceway this September 16-18, 2022. Numerous event segments tailored for Mopar enthusiasts abound including autocross, 3S Challenge, drag racing and more! Other events like a dyno challenge, burnout competition and car show will take place, making this one of the wildest Mopar parties ever held. The event is open to any ride utilizing a Mopar engine, including AMC. Gas and diesel Mopar power are welcome! 

Visit https://moparty.com to register and then go buy yourself something for the event at Holley.com. Make SURE you tell them we sent you!

Movie Review: Big government and big business used big media to crush the little man who was just trying to build a better mousetrap of a car! That’s right, our beloved Big 3 all agreed on something – and that something was getting their corrupt state senator to smoosh the competition of Preston Tucker for daring to want to offer a high speed, disc brake, seat belt equipped new car that could really move. I’m betting Elon Musk watched this movie, took notes on what NOT to do, then launched a car company without getting killed. That’s all tongue in cheek of course (hopefully)!

This is a movie that will inspire you, intrigue you, and make you want to learn more about the Tucker Automobile….but definitely the man who gave it name.  It’ll also make you want to smoke, drink whiskey,  and wear suits with fedoras. I don’t know how historically accurate it was in truth but let’s assume that it was in the ballpark.  Sure made for a good movie! 

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