K&F Show #285: Celebrating 45 Years of Flying Orange Chargers; Dukes Review S1E1 “One Armed Bandits”

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K&F Show Summary:

January 2024 marks the 45th anniversary of the Dukes of Hazzard. “One Armed Bandits” is the first episode that started it all, and one of the 5 filmed on location in Georgia before it would be relocated to California for the remainder of the series. For purists, the first 5 episodes (and this in particular) is as good, gritty, and as pure as it gets. For me… it’s just that weird one they would show in re-runs that was so different than all of the “real” ones from the later seasons I was used to. (I like campy Hollywood-ized versions of stuff.)

Anyway, this is the episode where Bo and Luke play Robin Hood – and commit a criminal act against a criminal (Boss Hogg) – to give to the poor. This proves the statement that two wrongs can make a right, apparently. Bo and Luke meet with Cooter in the Starsky and Hutch Torino along with Blake Lively’s dad, burglarize a truck filled with slot machines, place them around town, give the proceeds to the poor, and give the credit to Rosco, helping him get re-elected. Most of the scenes from the opening credit for the run of the show come from this episode and we get to settle once and for all which General Lee of the 3 used in this episode….really came first.

K&F Rating: 10 First Flight CornDogs


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