K&F Show #35: Southern Comfurts – S2 Episode 23 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

The “Southern Comfurts” episode is the final one of Season 2….and while it’s full of crazy cornball crap, it’s as weird an episode as it gets, and for some reason the General Lee gets painted green to go “incognito”. Not camo green though. Just a normal, run of the mill, Crayola crayon color of green. Weird. Anyway, the Dukes also help a Southern family with the last name of “Comfurt” who come into a lot of money, only to lose the money in a pirates trunk in the back of a renal car. Boss Hogg tries to get the money, is kidnapped by some out of town bank robbers, and the Dukes save the day in a green General Lee. Did I mention that they paint it on the side of the road somehow? Hijinks ensue.