K&F Show #84: Our Review of Major League” – The Greatest Baseball Schtick Movie Ever!

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Every now and then you have to take a break from the cars, smell the roses, and look around the real world to see what else is out there. In our case that means heading to funny movies from our childhood that we still quote daily. Since MLB Standings are just around the corner….that was the perfect excuse to review our favorite baseball movie ever made: Major League! Sit back and regale in Finnegan’s 20-minute soliloquy on the movie complete with every favorite line including: “Up your butt, Jobu!” Bob Eucker was in prime form as the radio announcer, Charlie Sheen was at his best as the bad boy, and Tom Berenger was the ace aging catcher. You’ll love it. We did. And if you don’t love it….car stuff will be back next week anyway, baby!