K&F Show #66: Corndog’s Charismatic Yet Terrifying Knowledge of the General Lee; Our Review of The Hack of Hazzard – S3 Episode 21 of the Dukes of Hazzard

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Finnegan is out on Roadkill duty this week so once again Corndog took the mantle of responsibility, charging forward with the old claim that the show must go on. Neither rain nor sleet will keep us from our appointed rounds…and I had more geeky General Lee questions to ask him. Also in this episode – an actual Dukes review that we made it to! This one is a good episode centered on the classic story-line you’ve heard a thousand times: two bad guys put a stolen gold certificate in the back of a tattered rear seat of a taxi-cab that Bo and Luke are driving (to help Miss Tizzdale) that ends up in an upholstery shop where Boss and Rosco dress like ghosts, which ends in the entire story completing in a massive cause of mail fraud and a minor case of shenanigans. And a General lee jump is in there too. So, good. -Kibbe

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