K&F Show #23: Arrest Jesse Duke – S2 Episode 12 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

A team of super-attractive car strippers set up shop in Hazzard to steal parts off of cars and then sell them back to the unknowing owners. They drive old Army Jeeps to cover their tracks, which are cutely color coordinated. They also (for some reason) help each other to take cold showers in the woods. Boss Hogg ends up being the ring leader of the operation and finds a magical way to blame it on the Dukes, but has a change of heart when the ladies rip him off. The only recourse is to convert the General Lee into an off-roader to chase the hotty-lady-Jeep-driving-car-part-bandits. Rosco gets replaced by Boss’s nephew Hughie Hogg who arrives in a white VW Bug convertible with steer horns on the front. The ring leader of the Lady Bandits has the hots for Bo. Hijinks ensue.